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Updating With Fabrics

By January 20, 2014Whats New

Adding new fabrics can be an easy way to change the focal point of a room without buying new furniture or rearranging the layout. Adding some bright colors will lighten the mood of a room, and large floral prints can change the main focus of the living space. The usage of different colors will alter the tone of space, whether you are looking to make it more airy and open, or warmer and cozier.

Upholstered Furniture

A small piece of upholstered furniture in a living room can really stand out and make things interesting. Embroidered fabrics are often a great addition to any piece, whether it is a sofa, ottoman, or accent chair. A headboard in the bedroom can also look fabulous when upholstered.  A large floral design with colors that go with the overall scheme can really make the rest of the room pop, and matching the headboard fabric to another piece of furniture will tie the whole room together.

Draperies & Shades

One simple way to grab attention is by changing the window treatment. Shades and draperies with large patterned fabrics can immediately change how a room looks, without buying any new furniture. Thick fabrics can help hold in warmth in the winter and make the house feel more cozy and comfortable. Warm colors, such as reds and browns, will also enhance this feeling. For the summer, sheer fabrics and lighter colors a fun ways to lighten the mood of the space.


Throw pillows are a great way to add new fabrics, colors, and patterns to any setting. Collect pillows that have different textures, such as mixing between cottons and silks, to add dimension and excitement to the room. This décor option allows you to either add contrasting colors to the overall scheme, or pull out individual colors from a bright pattern as well. This will make different pieces and areas pop and draw attention to them.

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