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High Quality Fabrics for High Quality Design

By December 11, 2015Uncategorized


ADM3bedThief River Linen strives to provide designers with the highest quality fabrics in unique and inspiring designs. Great work cannot be accomplished without the best tools and materials to start with. With lots of choices and the ability to work with our outstanding customer service, we can collaborate to make exactly what you’re looking for. To make this possible, we first have to look at what goes into magnificent fabrics of the highest quality.

 Quality Factors

Your first thought might be to check thread count, however all that really tells you is the number of yarn per square inch, and is not any indicator of quality. This is a common misconception, however there are other ways to tell the worth of fabrics. Some important factors to look at are fiber, weave, location, finish, and performance.

  • Fiber & Weave: The content of the fabric is an indicator of the performance abilities of the fabric itself. Is it a 100%Cotton, or a blend of synthetic fibers & natural fibers?  Also, various weave patterns affect the feel, durability, & price of fabrics.  Take into consideration whether the fabric is a solid content/design, or whether it’s embroidered, a woven jacquard, or a print on a solid content.
  • Location: Take a look at where the fabrics were made and you can assume something about quality. Certain places in the world are known for having higher quality fabrics as a standard.
  • Finish: Look for residential bedding that is chemical free, such as organic cotton, and pure linen, as opposed to materials that are chemically “finished” to prevent wrinkling and shrinking.
  • Performance: What do you need your fabrics to accomplish?  Thief River works hard to make sure your projects are the best, whether it’s a 3-pass Fire Retardant black out window treatment or a stain-resistant duvet cover!

Exclusive Designs

High-end design is the result of careful planning and unique materials. Thief River Linen supplies exclusive looks for all of its bedding and other design clients. There is a lot of time and effort put into new designs, and you are getting something creative that cannot be found elsewhere. Contact us today to help us create the best ensemble for any upcoming design project. Our expansive portfolio of collections and fabrics contain the perfect assortment for any style.