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Color Scheme Trends using Marsala

By September 18, 2015Whats New

Pantone_Color_of_the_Year_Marsala_ChipDriveThis year’s color trends are leaning towards more natural tones, which are generally cooler and softer. Starting with Marsala, the 2015 Pantone color of the year, you can create some fantastic color schemes by adding in coordinating colors. Some major trends right now include this deep wine-red color with turquoise blues, greens, or light creams and grays. Read about how each of these color combos can be used in various areas of your home.

Morehead - Plasma

Morehead – Plasma


Turquoise Blues and Pastels

Cool turquoise blues mix well with deep wine reds anywhere in the home. Blue walls and rugs with Marsala-colored fixtures provide great contrast. Add in some pastels to lighten the mood and create some more variety in hues. The lighter colors prevent an overbearing effect from the darker tones and keep any room a little more refreshing.

Neverland Stripe - Spring

Neverland Stripe – Spring

Deep Greens and Beige

Muted natural beiges and tans work well with darker green walls and background colors for a warm and homey feeling. Offset these cooler tones with deep red accent pieces such as pictures or furniture. This is a great color combo for living areas and common rooms. The natural color scheme creates a relaxing and comfortable environment that puts all your guests at ease. This is a perfect year-round color palette since the rich reds provide a warm feeling in the colder months, and greens are wonderful to welcome in spring and summer.

Venus - Silver

Venus – Silver

Creamy Vanilla and Pale Gray

Lighter colors paired with Marsala are perfect for the bedroom. Vanilla, cream, light gray, and white are all great colors for the walls with red bedding, furniture, and throw pillows. There is a strong contrast between these colors to make a bold statement. This creates a romantic environment without becoming overbearing or too dark.

There are tons of options to choose from no matter what general color scheme you decide to go with. Rotate your décor to adjust for the season and add in some of your favorite colors with new ones to switch things up from time to time. Also, take a look through Thief River Linen’s multiple collections and Pinterest boards for some additional inspiration when choosing colors and patterns that coordinate well together.