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Boutique Hotel Trends and Themes

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RoomImg1Small, luxurious hotels, known as boutique hotels, are rising in popularity due to their intimate ambiance. The smaller scale allows them to change and evolve more quickly to current trends than some of the larger, busier hotel chains. Some trends that have been big recently include remarkable experiences, less emphasis on busy locations, and increased technology.

 All About the Experience

Boutique hotels allow guests to have their own private getaway far from everyday life and daily responsibilities. Take a mini vacation without traveling to far-away exotic places by booking a room at a boutique hotel. Being outside of the city or other high-traffic areas can expose travelers to a one-of-a-kind local experience that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. This atypical event can be a big draw for people looking to escape their normal routine at home.

Themed Rooms

Guests can often choose from a variety of room options, including themed ones to add to their getaway mood. This can be enhanced by matched bedding collections, such as those offered by Thief River Linen. Cohesive looks using color-coordinated beddings, upholstery, paint, and other décor can create a unique look for every room available. Visitors may even end up with a particular favorite that attracts them to return to the same hotel multiple times. Thief River Linen’s vast array of fabrics and various collections allow them to help create several different theme options for these kinds of hotels.

Off The Beaten Path

For larger hotel chains, location is everything. Their guests want to be in the center of activity with easy accessibility to food, entertainment, and other amenities. For boutique hotels, being secluded or hidden away from the rest of society is more attractive. Local foods, beverages, and services that you might not see in a normal city setting can be a large part of the allure of boutique locations. For a trip away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities, try looking for a smaller, individually owned place to stay.

Constantly Connected

Technology is providing more seamless transactions and entry to these new, high-tech hotels. Keyless entry, digital check-ins and bedside tablets are just the start to what some of top hotels have to offer. Access your room via fingerprint or retinal scans for a secret agent-style entry is available at certain upscale locations. The Upper House in China is virtually paperless and offers guests fully loaded iPod touches, free and unlimited broadband access, and even the hotel’s cars have Wi-Fi. Some hotels take technology to the extremes to provide guests with luxuries they won’t get anywhere else.

Plan a Visit

Here are just a few Boutique hotels Thief River Linen had the pleasure to work with as they furnished their bedding, drapery, & upholstery fabrics:

The Mayton Inn – Cary, NC  https://maytoninn.com/

Hotel Ithaca – Ithaca, NY  http://www.thehotelithaca.com/

Harbor Hotel – Watkins Glen, NY  http://www.watkinsglenharborhotel.com/

Hotel Strata – Mountain View, CA  http://www.hotelstrata.com/

Grand Superior Lodge – Two Harbors, MN  http://www.grandsuperior.com/

At Thief River Linen we are committed to utilizing quality fabrics and offer outstanding customer service for retail, interior design, and hospitality industries. We are able to accommodate customization orders and have a wide variety of fabric designs, colors and textures. We would love to work with you on your next project. Contact us at (336) 474-8014 or 800-569-8105 for your fabric needs.

High Quality Fabrics for High Quality Design

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ADM3bedThief River Linen strives to provide designers with the highest quality fabrics in unique and inspiring designs. Great work cannot be accomplished without the best tools and materials to start with. With lots of choices and the ability to work with our outstanding customer service, we can collaborate to make exactly what you’re looking for. To make this possible, we first have to look at what goes into magnificent fabrics of the highest quality.

 Quality Factors

Your first thought might be to check thread count, however all that really tells you is the number of yarn per square inch, and is not any indicator of quality. This is a common misconception, however there are other ways to tell the worth of fabrics. Some important factors to look at are fiber, weave, location, finish, and performance.

  • Fiber & Weave: The content of the fabric is an indicator of the performance abilities of the fabric itself. Is it a 100%Cotton, or a blend of synthetic fibers & natural fibers?  Also, various weave patterns affect the feel, durability, & price of fabrics.  Take into consideration whether the fabric is a solid content/design, or whether it’s embroidered, a woven jacquard, or a print on a solid content.
  • Location: Take a look at where the fabrics were made and you can assume something about quality. Certain places in the world are known for having higher quality fabrics as a standard.
  • Finish: Look for residential bedding that is chemical free, such as organic cotton, and pure linen, as opposed to materials that are chemically “finished” to prevent wrinkling and shrinking.
  • Performance: What do you need your fabrics to accomplish?  Thief River works hard to make sure your projects are the best, whether it’s a 3-pass Fire Retardant black out window treatment or a stain-resistant duvet cover!

Exclusive Designs

High-end design is the result of careful planning and unique materials. Thief River Linen supplies exclusive looks for all of its bedding and other design clients. There is a lot of time and effort put into new designs, and you are getting something creative that cannot be found elsewhere. Contact us today to help us create the best ensemble for any upcoming design project. Our expansive portfolio of collections and fabrics contain the perfect assortment for any style.