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Bedroom Design Trends

By September 30, 2015Whats New

Luxe room shotNo room should be more intimate and luxurious than your bedroom. It takes extra thought and effort to create the perfect space that provides you with the feeling of having your own private sanctuary. Designs trends are ever changing, but here are some ideas to create a fantastic upscale bedroom.

Make a Multipurpose space

Your bedroom can be a great place for more than just sleeping, so include some extras that allow you to do other things with the space. Add in some amenities from other areas of the home and make this area multifunctional.

  • Add in a coffee bar and mini fridge to make your favorite morning beverage.
  • Comfortable chairs and a table to relax and get a little bit of work done.
  • Luxury baths and multi-head showers make it feel as though you’re at the spa instead of at home.
  • Build yourself a reading nook to curl up with your favorite book in your own secluded library.
  • Washers and dryers make it easy to tackle laundry at any time.
  • Lots of built-in storage space keeps furniture from getting too cluttered.

Large Wall Décor

There are several great options popping up recently to create a dynamic accent piece or wall in the bedroom.

  • Wallpaper is making a comeback with large prints and designs.
  • Put up an inspirational mural above the bed to create a focal point in the room.
  • Large or full-wall mirrors are becoming a big hit in many bedrooms.
  • Accent walls are more than just a different color these days; have a planked or stone wall on one side of your room.
  • If you are worried about committing to a whole wall, try adding in a large furniture piece instead, such as a planked headboard.

Bold Colors and Textures

Neutrals have been a long-term favorite for bedroom color palettes, but bold colors are making a comeback this year when it comes to linens and furniture.

  • Bright oranges, blues, greens, and pinks are big this year.
  • Large, eye-catching patterns on fabrics are a huge hit.
  • Textured quilts and comforters are all the rage instead of fluffy duvets.
  • Lots of natural sunlight from large windows or skylights can help lighten up the room and also allow you to look at the stars at night.

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