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High Quality Fabrics for High Quality Design

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ADM3bedThief River Linen strives to provide designers with the highest quality fabrics in unique and inspiring designs. Great work cannot be accomplished without the best tools and materials to start with. With lots of choices and the ability to work with our outstanding customer service, we can collaborate to make exactly what you’re looking for. To make this possible, we first have to look at what goes into magnificent fabrics of the highest quality.

 Quality Factors

Your first thought might be to check thread count, however all that really tells you is the number of yarn per square inch, and is not any indicator of quality. This is a common misconception, however there are other ways to tell the worth of fabrics. Some important factors to look at are fiber, weave, location, finish, and performance.

  • Fiber & Weave: The content of the fabric is an indicator of the performance abilities of the fabric itself. Is it a 100%Cotton, or a blend of synthetic fibers & natural fibers?  Also, various weave patterns affect the feel, durability, & price of fabrics.  Take into consideration whether the fabric is a solid content/design, or whether it’s embroidered, a woven jacquard, or a print on a solid content.
  • Location: Take a look at where the fabrics were made and you can assume something about quality. Certain places in the world are known for having higher quality fabrics as a standard.
  • Finish: Look for residential bedding that is chemical free, such as organic cotton, and pure linen, as opposed to materials that are chemically “finished” to prevent wrinkling and shrinking.
  • Performance: What do you need your fabrics to accomplish?  Thief River works hard to make sure your projects are the best, whether it’s a 3-pass Fire Retardant black out window treatment or a stain-resistant duvet cover!

Exclusive Designs

High-end design is the result of careful planning and unique materials. Thief River Linen supplies exclusive looks for all of its bedding and other design clients. There is a lot of time and effort put into new designs, and you are getting something creative that cannot be found elsewhere. Contact us today to help us create the best ensemble for any upcoming design project. Our expansive portfolio of collections and fabrics contain the perfect assortment for any style.


TRL at High Point Market with Lazzaro!

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The Fall High Point Market is here! Thief River Linen has some exciting news about this year’s show; Lazzaro Leather is expanding its line of products including four beds as part of their case goods program. As part of this expansion they will be moving to a larger showroom and incorporating some of our collections into their display. Come see us at IHFC building -Floor 10 – Space #C1003. We are very excited about teaming up with Lazzaro for this event.

High Point Market is held twice annually in High Point, NC; home to the largest furnishing trade show in the world. This happens in the spring and fall and Thief River Linen exhibits there regularly. The event attracts over 75,000 attendees and 2000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries. This fall, we will be sharing showroom space with Lazzaro Leather to help them unveil their new bed designs. It is an exciting new twist for some of our favorite collections. Keep an eye out at the High Point Market for this fabulous combination of luxurious furnishings!

Thief River Linen has unique fabrics & bedding options for Hospitality, Retailers, & Designers. No matter which aspect of the industry you are involved in, look no further for complementary fabrics to fit any style.

Bedroom Design Trends

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Luxe room shotNo room should be more intimate and luxurious than your bedroom. It takes extra thought and effort to create the perfect space that provides you with the feeling of having your own private sanctuary. Designs trends are ever changing, but here are some ideas to create a fantastic upscale bedroom.

Make a Multipurpose space

Your bedroom can be a great place for more than just sleeping, so include some extras that allow you to do other things with the space. Add in some amenities from other areas of the home and make this area multifunctional.

  • Add in a coffee bar and mini fridge to make your favorite morning beverage.
  • Comfortable chairs and a table to relax and get a little bit of work done.
  • Luxury baths and multi-head showers make it feel as though you’re at the spa instead of at home.
  • Build yourself a reading nook to curl up with your favorite book in your own secluded library.
  • Washers and dryers make it easy to tackle laundry at any time.
  • Lots of built-in storage space keeps furniture from getting too cluttered.

Large Wall Décor

There are several great options popping up recently to create a dynamic accent piece or wall in the bedroom.

  • Wallpaper is making a comeback with large prints and designs.
  • Put up an inspirational mural above the bed to create a focal point in the room.
  • Large or full-wall mirrors are becoming a big hit in many bedrooms.
  • Accent walls are more than just a different color these days; have a planked or stone wall on one side of your room.
  • If you are worried about committing to a whole wall, try adding in a large furniture piece instead, such as a planked headboard.

Bold Colors and Textures

Neutrals have been a long-term favorite for bedroom color palettes, but bold colors are making a comeback this year when it comes to linens and furniture.

  • Bright oranges, blues, greens, and pinks are big this year.
  • Large, eye-catching patterns on fabrics are a huge hit.
  • Textured quilts and comforters are all the rage instead of fluffy duvets.
  • Lots of natural sunlight from large windows or skylights can help lighten up the room and also allow you to look at the stars at night.

At Thief River Linen we are committed to utilizing quality fabrics and offer outstanding customer service for retail, interior design, and hospitality industries. We are able to accommodate customization orders and have a wide variety of fabric designs, colors and textures. We would love to work with you on your next project. Contact us at (336) 474-8014 or 800-569-8105 for your fabric needs.

Color Scheme Trends using Marsala

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Pantone_Color_of_the_Year_Marsala_ChipDriveThis year’s color trends are leaning towards more natural tones, which are generally cooler and softer. Starting with Marsala, the 2015 Pantone color of the year, you can create some fantastic color schemes by adding in coordinating colors. Some major trends right now include this deep wine-red color with turquoise blues, greens, or light creams and grays. Read about how each of these color combos can be used in various areas of your home.

Morehead - Plasma

Morehead – Plasma


Turquoise Blues and Pastels

Cool turquoise blues mix well with deep wine reds anywhere in the home. Blue walls and rugs with Marsala-colored fixtures provide great contrast. Add in some pastels to lighten the mood and create some more variety in hues. The lighter colors prevent an overbearing effect from the darker tones and keep any room a little more refreshing.

Neverland Stripe - Spring

Neverland Stripe – Spring

Deep Greens and Beige

Muted natural beiges and tans work well with darker green walls and background colors for a warm and homey feeling. Offset these cooler tones with deep red accent pieces such as pictures or furniture. This is a great color combo for living areas and common rooms. The natural color scheme creates a relaxing and comfortable environment that puts all your guests at ease. This is a perfect year-round color palette since the rich reds provide a warm feeling in the colder months, and greens are wonderful to welcome in spring and summer.

Venus - Silver

Venus – Silver

Creamy Vanilla and Pale Gray

Lighter colors paired with Marsala are perfect for the bedroom. Vanilla, cream, light gray, and white are all great colors for the walls with red bedding, furniture, and throw pillows. There is a strong contrast between these colors to make a bold statement. This creates a romantic environment without becoming overbearing or too dark.

There are tons of options to choose from no matter what general color scheme you decide to go with. Rotate your décor to adjust for the season and add in some of your favorite colors with new ones to switch things up from time to time. Also, take a look through Thief River Linen’s multiple collections and Pinterest boards for some additional inspiration when choosing colors and patterns that coordinate well together.

Updating With Fabrics

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Adding new fabrics can be an easy way to change the focal point of a room without buying new furniture or rearranging the layout. Adding some bright colors will lighten the mood of a room, and large floral prints can change the main focus of the living space. The usage of different colors will alter the tone of space, whether you are looking to make it more airy and open, or warmer and cozier.

Upholstered Furniture

A small piece of upholstered furniture in a living room can really stand out and make things interesting. Embroidered fabrics are often a great addition to any piece, whether it is a sofa, ottoman, or accent chair. A headboard in the bedroom can also look fabulous when upholstered.  A large floral design with colors that go with the overall scheme can really make the rest of the room pop, and matching the headboard fabric to another piece of furniture will tie the whole room together.

Draperies & Shades

One simple way to grab attention is by changing the window treatment. Shades and draperies with large patterned fabrics can immediately change how a room looks, without buying any new furniture. Thick fabrics can help hold in warmth in the winter and make the house feel more cozy and comfortable. Warm colors, such as reds and browns, will also enhance this feeling. For the summer, sheer fabrics and lighter colors a fun ways to lighten the mood of the space.


Throw pillows are a great way to add new fabrics, colors, and patterns to any setting. Collect pillows that have different textures, such as mixing between cottons and silks, to add dimension and excitement to the room. This décor option allows you to either add contrasting colors to the overall scheme, or pull out individual colors from a bright pattern as well. This will make different pieces and areas pop and draw attention to them.

At Thief River Linen we are committed to utilizing quality fabrics. Contact us at (336) 474-8014 or 800-569-8105 for your fabric needs. We offer outstanding customer service for retail, interior design, and hospitality industries. We would love to work with you on your next project.